Are you choosing flooring for a commercial, healthcare, hospitality, or retail setting? If so, you know that there are several factors that must be balanced. Design, maintenance, cost, safety, and durability are considerations for any public space. While numerous different types of flooring are available, today’s premium vinyl flooring is the only option that performs well in each of these areas.

Infinite Design Possibilities

Design is one of the most important attributes of flooring, yet often it’s dismissed as a secondary concern. We’ve all visited spaces that feel cold and institutional; many times the fault lies with flooring that is generic and impersonal. Fortunately, today’s better vinyl floor tile providers are able to offer a wide range of choices. Colour, texture, and pattern can create just the right look for your enterprise. Whether you want the warm look of bird’s-eye maple, the industrial feel of hammered aluminum, an artistic mural, or a custom pattern, a good flooring company will work with you to achieve the design you want. For example, your corporate logo could be a featured design element, placing company branding front and centre. Receive spa guests in a room featuring the sunny blue sky; lead store customers through a pink cow-patterned aisle; greet night club patrons with a wavy ocean dance floor, or bring the natural appeal of cork, wood, or bamboo to your waiting room or showroom. Talk to a floor tile designer about the visual communication inherent in some designs. Parallelograms, for example, create a feeling of organization and efficiency, while chevrons help to focus attention in a particular direction.

Maintenance, Durability, and Safety

Of course, for any type of flooring, maintenance, durability, and safety are very important. Versatile vinyl floor tiles are known to be extremely easy to maintain. Today’s no-wax products are stain-resistant and are easily cleaned with a damp mop, soap and water, or disinfected with standard cleaning solutions.

Better vinyl tiles have several layers of construction and are built to withstand heavy traffic. Whether you expect hundreds of dancing feet, small children, customers, patients, or even weighty rolling loads, vinyl is one of the most durable of floor coverings. Most companies offer a warranty, with some lasting as long as ten years.

In any public space, safety is paramount. Many types of vinyl are slip-resistant. Some newer products even feature a microscopic glass bead surface that is the latest innovation in helping to prevent slips and falls.

Other Benefits

Cost is always a factor, and here, too, vinyl comes out on top. When you factor in the longevity of the floor covering, the costs of maintenance, and the initial investment, it’s easy to see that even custom-designed premium vinyl compares favourably to any other type of flooring.

In addition, there are other advantages. For example, some vinyl flooring is engineered with micron-sized silver particles in the top layer to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. This can be extremely useful in a healthcare or educational setting.

And finally, some vinyl flooring has “green” features such as recyclability, recycled content, or LEED certification for indoor air quality, as outlined by the Canada Green Building Council.

Contact a premium vinyl flooring provider today and discover the benefits of this versatile flooring!