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River City Sports

One of the largest suppliers of hockey merchandise in North America, this Winnipeg retailer wanted to capture the spirit of the game in each of its locations. They came to LSI with a concept and LSI executed it.

Capturing an image of the white ice after a hockey game, complete with skate marks and stick action, LSI manufactured it into high performance vinyl tile flooring with its signature anti-slip surface, the irony of which did not escape the design team. This image was also recolored to create both the blue line and the red line, completing the ice hockey theme.

Being Canadian, LSI loved the concept and has added ICE to the standard, or not so standard, product offering. Ideas are always welcome at LSI. When a space needs to be uniquely branded or an experience enhanced, LSI will take the concept and turn it into high performance luxury vinyl flooring.


Imagination – IM7012 Ice, White, IM7013 Ice, Red, IM7014 Ice, Blue

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