Today’s vinyl flooring is not what you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen! In fact, for commercial, retail, educational, healthcare, or other public spaces, vinyl flooring can create a cool, contemporary vibe while meeting all of your requirements for safety, durability, and cost effectiveness.

However, choosing the right company to work with will determine whether you have the range of choice required to create the look and feel that you want your project to have. Some of today’s premium vinyl flooring manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure that your design will be inspiring and unique, as well as practical.

LSI Designs

One company that’s highly rated by designers worldwide is LSI Floors. This Canadian vinyl tile manufacturer serves markets in North America as well as in Britain, Turkey, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. LSI makes a promise to customers: “It won’t be boring!”

Vinyl flooring is available in tiles or sheets. The various shapes of tiles (square, hexagonal, chevron, plank, parallelogram) allow you to create patterns that contrast or harmonize. In addition, high-resolution six-color printing works best on tiles and planks. The process allows for ultra-realistic images to be produced on tile, featuring intense color and fine detail. Vinyl sheeting provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface. LSI has a full range of designs, including many you might not expect:

  • Cow. Available in black, brown, or pink, this fun and funky product based on Holstein cow patterning gives any space a whimsical feel.
  • Rusted Steel. The realistic look of oxidation on metal makes this design uniquely tough!
  • Fingerprint. Giant brightly-coloured pop-art fingerprint tiles will propel your design into the future.
  • Uber-natural. While many companies offer wood lookalikes, LSI was inspired to create flooring that resembles cobblestones, shale, cork, bamboo, and other natural materials. And of course, LSI also carries a wide range of woodgrain products, from bird’s-eye maple to oak, from walnut to antique wood in various colors and shades.
  • Fresh. LSI has created floor patterns that look so much like green grass you’ll want to take off your shoes and go barefoot. Other designs include shallow ocean waves, and the clear blue ice.

LSI also welcomes your creativity, and helps you to create custom, one-of-a-kind designs. Do you want a logo or emblem embedded in the floor design? Is there a meaningful image that you’d like repeated throughout the space? Would you like to create a mural in the centre of an open area? Text, artwork, natural designs, or interesting patterns are a snap for LSI’s designers. Previous projects have included hospitals and healthcare centers, libraries, spas, nightclubs, automobile showrooms, television studios, and workspaces of all kinds. The possibilities are endless.

Durable and Safe

Of course, in any public space, there are considerations of durability, safety, cost effectiveness, and maintenance. LSI products score high marks in each of these categories as well. Special glass-bead surface technology makes LSI’s vinyl slip resistant and stain resistant. The no-wax surface is easily cleaned with a damp mop or mild soap and water. For medical settings, LSI offers a specialty anti-microbial product that cuts the risk of infection by using non-toxic silver particles to stop the spread of bacteria and fungus.

LSI and other premium vinyl flooring companies are changing the face of modern design. Learn more about vinyl flooring for the 21stcentury.