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Tadao and Ando


This unique pattern of raw, unfinished concrete in large slabs will enrich the design of any space in which you put it. Whether used on the floor or on the wall, these dark and light slabs will look as if they were cast in place.


2.5mm Glue-down    5mm Loose lay


2.5mm Glue-down
Rectangle                     36” x 24” / 914.4 x 609.6mm

5mm Loose lay
Square                         24” x 24” / 609.6 x 609.6mm
Parallelogram             24” x 41.57” / 609.6 x 1056mm
Hexagon                      20.8” x 24” / 527.9 x 609.6mm
Chevron                       8” x 24” / 203.2 x 609.6mm

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