Vinyl is one of the most resilient flooring materials available. The durability and longevity of vinyl far surpasses many other surfaces, and, with recent technological advances, the design possibilities of vinyl tile are endless.

However, it’s important to choose a premium vinyl tile manufacturer in order to reap all of the benefits of this product. Better manufacturers create products that

  • Are durable. Look for a company that offers a lengthy warranty on their products. Some manufacturers warranty vinyl tiles up to ten years after purchase. Are the tiles color fast? Do they feature a number of layers? Do they promise structural stability?
  • Use the latest technology. Do the products have a slip-resistant surface? Are specialty products available for healthcare settings? How are colors and images transferred to tiles? Are tiles flame resistant? Are they moisture-proof?
  • Are environmentally responsible. Do products contain a percentage of recycled material? Are they recyclable? Does the tile feature a low VOC emission level? Does the company use a safe plasticizer in the manufacturing process?
  • Have a cool, contemporary aesthetic. Don’t forget that flooring will have a major impact on the look, feel, and atmosphere of the entire project. Practical concerns need to be balanced with design considerations. Look at previous spaces that use the manufacturer’s tiles and ensure that you have numerous options for color, pattern, shape, and style. And, of course, choosing a company that offers custom design will expand your design possibilities exponentially!

Product Lines

Another aspect to consider is whether a company features various product lines with different applications. As an example, we might look at LSI Floors, an Ontario-based company with a global market presence. The company has provided flooring for builders and designers of many different types of public spaces, including retail stores, libraries, museums, auto showrooms, hospitals, TV stations, clinics, schools, nightclubs, restaurants, spas, commercial spaces, many different types of office space, and more. LSI has various options available.

  • Loose Lay. This tile is thicker than average and can be used in conjunction with carpet tile. Because the thicknesses match, it’s simple to marry hard surface to soft carpet with no transition material required. Loose lay is perfect for multi-purpose areas, for use over raised-access flooring, or for reinforcing high-traffic areas. It also works when sound abatement is a concern, particularly for open concept office areas or high-rise applications.
  • Edge. Edge products are quick and easy to specify and install, and they’re designed to provide flooring that stays within your budget. A wide range of ultra-realistic woodgrain patterns is available in this best-selling collection.
  • Expressive. Two lines of highly original designs make LSI’s design chops unmistakeable. From pink cow-patterning to ocean waves, autumn leaves, cobblestones, and grass, the Artistry and Nature collections contain delightful designs. In addition, the Imagination Studio line works with you to create custom designs. The sky’s the limit!
  • Protective. These healthcare-specific tiles feature silver particles embedded in the top two layers of the tiles that act as anti-microbial agents and reduce the risk of infection. They also have the highest rating for fire resistance and slip resistance.

Vinyl tiles offer some of the most durable, resilient, cost-effective, and dramatic flooring options available. Partner with the right company and find resilient floors for each of your building projects!