Today’s luxury vinyl tiles are available in a number of different shapes. Square tiles are, of course, still one of the most popular, but the range of options is much larger. Hexagonal tiles have a history stretching back centuries, perhaps modelled on the natural shape of beehive honeycombs. Hexagons provide a lot of scope for geometric designs and look great in two contrasting colors. Parallelogram shaped tiles can be used to create visually arresting Escher landscapes in two colors, or multi-colored waves, for a 3-D cube effect.

Planks are gaining in popularity not only for woodgrain tiles, but also for solids and patterns. One way to create a unique floor is to mix and match tile shapes and/or colors. Lay a row of square tile followed by a row of planks in rainbow hues.

Using tile shapes in unique ways can be visually arresting. Let your imagination be your guide.